Project: SC_MPVT

SuperCollider classes providing support for Ms Pinky's Vinyl Tracking system.

Download (tgz, 92KB)

Ms Pinky's vinyl tracking system is an outstanding alternative to Final Scratch for controlling software using standard turntables and time-coded vinyl. There's not a great deal in the way of bundled software, but using their provided API, it's straightforward to implement support in your sound application of choice.

These classes enable SuperCollider to access Ms Pinky's velocity and positioning data via a handful of simple UGens. They should work with any generation of the hardware; they've been tested successfully with 4th generation vinyl.


Simply pass each UGen a stereo audio-rate input containing the output of a Ms Pinky time-coded record, and your generation number (found on the record label).


SynthDef(\mpvt_test, { |inbus = 3|
	var input, velocity, freq, output;
	input =[ inbus, inbus + 1 ]);
	velocity =, generation: 4);
	velocity = velocity * (, generation: 4) > 0.1);
	freq = 40 + (50 * velocity.abs);
	output =[ freq, freq * 1.5 ], velocity);, output);



The included plugin is compiled for Universal Binary Macs (created on a MacBook Pro); source is included for compilation on other platforms. Note that you'll need to link against Ms Pinky's libVinylTrack, provided with the MPVT SDK.