Project: SC_Monome

SuperCollider classes providing support for the Monome 40h controller.

Download (tgz, 2KB)

The Monome 40h is an OSC controller comprising of a grid of 64 backlit buttons. Given SuperCollider's native OSC support, it's a trivial task to interface the two. These helper classes provide wrappers around common functions, and generally augment development and performance using the 40h.

Thanks to Tristan Strange for 128/256 support and prefix extensions.


Download the latest snapshot.
The code can also be found on github:

git clone


// Monome
m =, port);
m =;
m.action = { |x, y, on|
  [x, y, on].postln;
m.led(5, 6, 1);
m.led_row(4, 255);

// MonomEm
e =, port);
m =, port);
m.action = { |x, y, on| [x, y, on].postln };
m.led(5, 6, 1);

// MonoMIDI
m =;